Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

A person who was simply publicly shamed online to be a ‘festering turd of a human being’ that ‘intimidated numerous young Asian ladies’ by waving his hand in their faces for a Melbourne tram is reportedly autistic and likes to high-five strangers.

The guy’s face had been plastered across social media marketing whenever a photo was taken by a woman of him and published a status labelling him a ‘low life’, ‘creep’ and ‘loser’ on Facebook.

Her expletive-laden post attracted 80,000 likes and near to 10,000 stocks in just a matter of hours, with numerous individuals making aggressive communications threatening physical violence and revenge from the alleged harasser for their ‘dominating’ behavior.

A person (pictured) who was simply publicly shamed on the web for ‘creeping’ on young women that are asian a Melbourne tram is apparently autistic and might have merely been wanting to high-five them

But numerous sources have actually since told frequent Mail Australia that the person is really a regular commuter along the town tram line that is reportedly autistic and ‘wouldn’t harm a fly’. (más…)

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